About Us

I established Fulcrum Designs in 2002 after forming and co-owning Angling Technics for the previous ten years and have concentrated on creating innovative products for mostly the coarse fishing community. I designed all the Angling Technics baitboats, echo sounders, GPS devices and the electronics that they run on. I was privileged to have achieved Patents on the ACE i-3 bite alarm and the Chub T3 and T5 bite alarm sensors as well as designing the electronics for all of them. My driving ambition is, and always has been, to create products that are unique, class leading and fundamentally fun and functional. 2015 has seen a change from purely designing, to producing as well, with the launch of the unique Smartsounder. I am very proud of Smartsounder, my first truly solo venture. Bluesounder becomes my second device and I hope it will be followed by other exciting devices, which are already in the planning.

If you would like to discuss anything to do with my products past or present or want to discuss any ideas you have, please do get in touch and ask away!

Paul Grint